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How to use this website

To optimise your search results follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Select your education level from the home page or use 'All Categories' from the drop down menu
  • Choose the subject you wish to browse
  • Type in the program name or code you’re interested in into the 'Search using keywords' box

For example, if you're looking for the program, European Union, and you are from a secondary school:

  • Select Secondary School
  • Choose Business Studies
  • Type in European Union or CUK13020000

Please contact us if you require assistance.

Subject Preferences and Receiving Emails

Are you aware that our website has a subject preference function?

What this means is that we can make the emails we send you more relevant to your needs, by sending you only the types of emails that you are interested in!

If you haven't already let us know what you're interested in, then take these easy steps:

  • Click on 'Sign in', or if you need to register click on 'New customer?' link at the top right-hand corner of this webpage*
  • Click on your name which is also located at the top right-hand corner
  • Tick your subjects of interest
  • Click 'update interests' to save selections

*If you haven't signed up to our website since January 2014, then you need to re-register.

Still unsure? Phone us on 1800 034 282 and we'll happily talk you through the process, or otherwise watch this short how-to video:

What are Additional Resources?

Additional Resources are print based materials that accompany the majority of VEA Group produced videos, and some of our Australian and international producer partners videos.

Additional Resources include a range of activities that stimulate thinking and discussion amongst learners, and most of all are designed to help you save valuable lesson planning time!

Each of the Additional Resources is unique and has been created to cover a range of activities from research based tasks and homework, to questions and quizzes from the learning outcomes that were covered in the video.

To see if a video has Additional Resources available and to access them, login/register to your VEA website account, find the videos page by searching for either the product code, or title and find the black 'download resource' button located underneath the video preview and/or image. If a video doesn't have additional resources then this button will not be visible.

vLearn Digital Streaming

vLearn is VEA’s video streaming platform for education and training, providing you with instant and unlimited access to your choice of videos for a one, two or three year licence period.

Video streaming is a method of delivering digital video files across the Internet. Videos play in your web browser or mobile/tablet devices, in much the same way as you watch YouTube videos. When you load the vLearn Player in your browser and click play, the video file is sent in a steady stream of small portions (hence the term ‘streaming’).

The vLearn Player is the video player component of vLearn. The vLearn Player includes a range of features which make it useful for both teachers and learners, including:

  • Easy playback within your web browser – support for all major browsers on PC and Mac
  • Full support for mobile and tablet devices
  • LMS integration via linking or direct video embedding
  • Ability to play specific chapters
  • Ability to create, name and manage custom clips
  • Can be easily shared with all staff, students and employees in your organisation

The vLearn range currently consists of over 4,000 videos and counting. The range is constantly expanding as we acquire new videos.

When you see this symbol: asset to be added  in search results and subject lists, it means the program is available in vLearn. If your favourite title isn’t included, you can email  and the vLearn team will get it digitised for you

Playing Videos

You do not need a password to play vLearn videos. Your unique vLearn Player URL contains the video and no login or other form of authentication is required. The URL is specific to your institution, and can be shared with any staff and students in your organisation.

It is however an important condition of the vLearn Streaming Licence Agreement that the vLearn Player URL must only be shared with staff and students in your organisation and may only be published within an authenticated environment, such as a learning management system that requires login, or an intranet.

Yes they can. This works in just the same way as projecting your computer screen. The vLearn Player also has a full-screen option, which expands the video to your full screen size.

The vLearn player is intelligent and will adapt to the environment it is being used in. The player takes into consideration the device you are accessing the video on and also your bandwidth and streams you a compatible version.

Licensing Rights and Restrictions

Each time you purchase a vLearn Streaming Licence, you must agree to the vLearn Streaming Licence Agreement – which outlines important rights, restrictions and responsibilities for the duration of the license: 1, 2 or 3 years. The agreement appears during checkout and should be read in full before indicating your agreement.

For full details of your rights, restrictions and responsibilities, please read the full vLearn Streaming Licence Agreement.

Your vLearn Streaming Licence period begins the moment you complete the checkout process on the website. Once complete, you will instantly receive an email outlining the vLearn videos purchased, licence periods and links to the video in your vLearn Library.

There are no restrictions on the total number of views or number of users that can view the video at once. You get full access to videos for the period of your vLearn Streaming Licence.

No. It is an important condition in your streaming licence agreement that the vLearn Player URL must only be shared with staff and students in your organisation and may only be published within an authenticated environment, such as an LMS that requires login, or an intranet.

Technical Considerations

Certainly! The vLearn Player and/or the vLearn portal page can be ingested into a standard HTML page for linking from within an LMS. The vLearn Library also provides embed scripts for placement of the vLearn Player directly into your own LMS pages.

MARC records area available in the vLearn Library for all videos you have licensed.